What's playing at the '88? Named after the year we started having movie night, 1988. This year, 2008, it'll be twenty years and over 2000 movies, thousands of bags of popcorn and too many pizzas to count! It started with my brother Doug and I getting together once a week to watch a movie while Sharon was bowling on a league. Soon, Bruce joined us and it's evolved into a weekly tradition that continues today. We have as few as two people or as many as ten or eleven. People, equipment and even locations have come and gone but the regulars still show up for a movie, pizza and whatever else we find to eat. Add another movie or two each week for other occasions and get-togethers and it's been a lot of enjoyment for a long time!
20110213_22062520110211_135610  New surrounds - Snell OH-R7 In-ceiling20110211_13533420110211_135258  Surrounds are now direct-firing20110211_13404820110211_13392120110211_133709  New Back Surrounds and Wide Surrounds are Snell CR720110208_150101_01  New ceiling paint adds a finished look and a better image20110208_150042_0120110208_150028_0120110208_14594120110208_14585720110208_14582220110208_145806_0120110208_14572420110208_14570720110208_14564720110208_14562920110208_14541420110206_230214  "Custom" lighting :)